Bible Believer's Baptist Church

A friendly Bible Believing Baptist Church standing on the Inerrant, Infallible King James Bible (AV1611).

Dr. Andrew Saucier, Pastor

2220 Transcontinental Dr.
Metairie, Louisiana 70001
Phone: 504-455-6893


Sunday Morning:
10:00 AM  Sunday School
11:00 AM   Preaching Service
Sunday Evening
6:00 PM  Preaching Service
Wednesday Evening
7:00 PM   Bible Study & Prayer Meeting








AV 1611 Compliant


Meet our Pastor and His Wife:

Dr. Andrew and Wife

Dr. Andrew Saucier was saved on January 21, 1977 at Maranatha Baptist Church in River Ridge, Louisiana, under Pastor David McPherson. In 1982, he attended Pensacola Bible Institute and graduated in 1984 with a Bachelor of Divinity degree under Dr. Peter S. Ruckman. He was ordained at Bible Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida in 1990.

Bible Believers Ministries, Inc. was founded by Dr. Saucier in 1984, and is a ministry of the Bible Believers Baptist Church of Metairie, Louisiana, of which Dr. Saucier has pastored since his ordination. For the past twenty-three (23) years, he has conducted prison, youth institute, nursing home and soul winning ministries. Other ministries of his include preaching on the streets of the French Quarter of New Orleans and other parts of the United States, and participating in evangelistic meetings in Malawi, Kenya and the Philippines.

Dr. Saucier holds Master of Theology and Doctor of Theology degrees from Blue Ridge Bible Institute of Valdese, North Carolina. He is currently in the process of writing a book entitled "The Spirit Man of God."

Bible Believers Ministries currently has outreaches in the Prisons in Louisiana, Youth Institutes as well as on the foreign field in Africa.